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Blue respirator FFP2 10 pcs 11,60 11,60 -66 %
  • Blue respirator FFP2 10 pcs
  • Blue respirator FFP2 10 pcs

Blue respirator FFP2 10 pcs

The high-quality and lightweight FFP2 respirator effectively protects against viruses, bacteria and mould. It is approved for the mandatory use of Covid-19 protection. Its fit and weight make it comfortable to wear while protecting much more than a regular face shield. 

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11,60 11,60
  • Detailed description

Detailed product description

FFP2 class respirator

 Brief instructions for use:

1. Wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly before using and unpacking.

2. Do not touch the inside of the respirator.

3. Make sure the respirator covers your nose and mouth up to your lower jaw.

4. Secure the respirator with a rubber band behind the ears and gently pinch the nose clip to shape it to your face.

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