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Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing

Antigen test + Voucher for video-assisted testing

Convenient package of an approved antigen test and a 'remote' test voucher via video without visiting a testing center.

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Detailed product description

By testing "remotely" via video call, you can fulfill the obligation of an antigen test, for example, when you return from vacation. When you purchase a voucher for video-assisted testing, you will receive an access code in your email. You connect to an online testing room where you will be tested in the presence of a healthcare professional. You will receive confirmation of the testing in the form of a certificate with a QR code.

How does video-assisted testing work?

You buy a Voucher and an access code arrives in your email.

You click on the link in the email https://www.onlinetestovani.cz/test , enter the access code and fill in the details of the person being tested.

Click the "JOIN" button to connect with our health care professional who will guide you through the testing.

The health professional will record the test result and send it to the MHCR register - EU Covid Pass.

A certificate of the test result with a QR code will immediately arrive to the email you have entered.

The package contains a total of 1 piece of antigen test suitable for self-testing and Voucher for video-assisted testing.

The test is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Brief instructions for use 

1. Prepare the individual components of the test - paper bag for saliva sample, dropper for sample collection, capsule with solution including dropper and the antigen test itself. 

2. Unpack the antigen test and place it on a flat surface. 

3. Rinse your mouth with water. Cough and spit out saliva into a paper bag.

4. Use a dropper to draw a saliva sample from the bag.

5. Remove the silver foil from the tube of solution and drop 3 drops of saliva sample into the tube.

6. Place a plastic dropper with a hole on the tube, shake gently and wait about 10 seconds.  

7. From the tube, drop 3 drops of the solution onto the prepared, placed antigen test in the smaller field. Never drop to the fields where the letters C and T are marked.

8. The test result will be displayed in a few minutes. Once the area has returned to white and only a red line remains, the test is complete.

Instructions in case of a positive test result

In this case, contact a doctor or public health office immediately and isolate yourself until further action is taken.

How to dispose of used tests?

Wrap all parts of the antigen test in one strong plastic bag, or two weaker ones, tie it up, disinfect it and dispose of it in the mixed waste. Then wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Be considerate and minimise the risk to all waste handlers. 


Please read the leaflet carefully and follow the instructions. In the event of a positive antigen test, notify your health care professional immediately or call the toll-free number.



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