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Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Voucher for video-assisted testing
  • Voucher for video-assisted testing

Voucher for video-assisted testing

By testing "remotely" via video call, you can fulfill the obligation of an antigen test, for example, when you return from vacation. When you purchase a voucher for video-assisted testing, you will receive an access code in your email. You connect to an online testing room where you will be tested in the presence of a healthcare professional. You will receive confirmation of the testing in the form of a certificate with a QR code.

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Detailed product description

How does video-assisted testing work?

You buy a Voucher and an access code arrives in your email.

You click on the link in the email https://www.onlinetestovani.cz/test , enter the access code and fill in the details of the person being tested.

Click the "JOIN" button to connect with our health care professional who will guide you through the testing.

The health professional will record the test result and send it to the MHCR register - EU Covid Pass.

A certificate of the test result with a QR code will immediately arrive to the email you have entered.


You need to have your own antigen test ready for testing.

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